Jane Smith Retirement Business Advocate

Jane Smith

As a retirement business advocate, I'm here to help you explore the personal & financial benefits of starting a business in retirement.

Whether it's turning a passion or hobby into extra money to spoil the grand kids & travel more, or a desire to simply meet new people, stay active, or to have a positive impact on others, we have the tools & resources to educate & empower you.

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Jane Smith

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Jane Smith is passionate about helping others realize their dreams, both big and small, through the opportunity of business ownership. As a former office manager, Jane worked directly with both clients and high level professionals and while she enjoyed her work, felt something pulling at her to step away from corporate America and not only build something she could call her own but that also helped people.

Jane lives with her husband and their beloved pup Fritz in Smalltown MI. Together they have three grown children and 5 grandchildren. When Jane’s not making an impact on other people’s lives and their businesses, she enjoys gardening, spoiling the grand kids, and volunteering at church.

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